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​​Sweetwater Health Education


"Thanks so much for helping me through this class and achieving my goals. Although we've only know each other for 8 weeks, you're the only instructor that actually gave me one-on-one time. You also made me feel comfortable to be around you. I'm really glad that I met you and you taught me what it takes to be a CNA"


" It's been a real pleasure to be taught by you. You inspired me to do more and pursue more schooling. I hope that my next instructors are as special as you are. You have been a great teacher."


"I can't thank you enough for the great knowledge that you pass on to all students. You're a wonderful teacher! I love the way you teach, especially how you want to push for what is right! It's been such a pleasure to know you. You made a big difference in lots of people's lives and will continue to do so in Hawaii. Thank you very much!"


"Linda brings to her classroom her life's experience, which gives the students perspective and insight to what lies before them in caregiving. She also prepares students to use "critical thinking" while giving care and not just look at the client as a "job" but as a whole person and to give the care that's needed."


" I enjoyed all of the new health care procedures I learned in the Advanced Home Health Aide class. I feel that I received excellent health care information to prepare myself to be a great CNA."


" The Advanced Home Health Aide class was totally to the point. I learned many new things and would recommend this class to other CNAs. Thank you very much for helping me be a better CNA."


"Thank you so much for a great class. I am filled with knowledge and I feel comfortable enough to go out in the job market as a CNA. My classroom experience will benefit me in many ways. Thanks for being an excellent teacher with a soul and heart."


"One of the best experiences. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us."


"You are a great teacher, will be a friend, and will always be remembered. Thank you for all of the real experiences and knowledge."


"Thank you so much for your wisdom, crazy stories, and most of all Aloha. I appreciate everything you did for me and also for the Hilo community. I will never forget this experience. Much Mahalo and Aloha."