• Healthy oral care

  • ​​​Unhealthy oral care​

  • ​Environmental Nutritional factors

  • Blood Born Pathogens

  • ​Periodontal concerns and causes

  • ​Tooth extractions and care

  • Wisdom teeth need or do not need

  • Oral cavity terminology

  • ​Charting techniques written/PC

  • ​Reasons for Perio care

  • ​Treatments for Periodontal disease

  • ​Basic tray set up

  • ​Sterilization practice and procedure

  • ​frequently used tray set ups

  • ​Common instruments and their uses

​SKILLS: Students will participate in learning various dental skills on Fridays during the course.

​​*skills will include but are not limited to

  • Proper personal protective gear (PPE)

  • ​Proper tooth brushing/flossing techniques

  • Taking and recording vitals

  • ​Dental charting

  • ​Taking dental impressions

  • ​Taking dental X-rays

​ Dental Assistant

Interested in working in a dental office? This is the course for you! Dental Assistants assist the dentist in all aspects in the dental office. Classes are held Monday-Thursdays from 5p to 8p for 8 weeks.

Training includes:​(but not limited to)

​​​Vocational training for the future of Hawaii

​​Sweetwater Health Education